Chidinma Ekile Says Her Conversion Back To Christ Was Ordained By God

Chidinma Ekile has revealed the reason behind her conversion back to gospel music.

Nigerian singer who turned gospel minister, Chidinma Ekile has revealed that her conversion back to Christ was ordained by God.

LASGIDI ONLINE recalls that last week Chidinma Ekile announced she has quit secular music to become a gospel minister while celebrating her 30th birthday.

Speaking on what led her into doing gospel music, the singer said;

“Well, it has been ordained. It was actually a prophecy, so I was going to get here anyway. Though there was a time I wasn’t sure eventually I knew I was going to get there and what’s the better time than now?”

Chidinma has told her fans to expect the move of God, emphasising that even though she is doing music, her main purpose is to work for God.

“Fans should expect the move of God. Yes, I’m going to do the music but most importantly, I’m here because of God. So, expect the move of God and expect to be blessed.”

“The journey so far has been quite challenging. I’ve had to go through a whole lot of submission, prayer, and spending time with God. Prior to that, we all know how it has been before, and as I said, it is God who ordained that I’ll be a minister of the Gospel and this is just the right time for me to step into it.

“So, the journey has kind of prepared me for this season, for this particular time. So, I’m here to do God’s work” she said.

Written by Lasgidi Online

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